We pledge to provide our customers with the very best service, tailored to meet their specific needs, at a competitive price. We recognize the monetary and emotional value that each customer places in their home and we embrace that concept in working with our customers to secure that value for years to come. We strive to bring our customers complete satisfaction, peace of mind and security in knowing their home rests on a strong foundation.

Locally Family Owned Business

Randy's grandfather fought for our country in World War I and II, and he would tell stories about the different battles he fought in and during these stories his grandfather would emphasize how important it was that when you gave your word to someone that you had their back, that you make sure and keep your word with that person. Those stories have stuck with Randy all of these years and he wanted his grandfather to be proud of him. When Randy started his business in 1970, he had a lot of experience in remodeling older homes and during this time he would hear many home owners complaining about their foundation problems and that they could not find someone who was an expert in fixing older home foundations. Well Randy started doing some research and went to the only 3 foundation companies in the greater Kansas City area and asked them a lot of questions concerning the different types of foundation repairs. He then talked to several engineering firms on what would be the best solution in fixing these older homes. Randy went through several different techniques and types of piering systems and was not satisfied with these types of piering systems because it seemed like he spent more time fixing what he had repaired in the past. Randy finally came up with a solution and started implementing it with home owners and found out he did not have to go back to fix problems. During this time Randy was raising 3 children and his only son, Matthew Beaver has worked with his father since he was knee high to a grasshopper and during this time Randy passed on his experience to his son. Matthew, now has the experience to be able to walk into a home and after an inspection, explain to the home owner what would be the best solution in repairing their home. The systems that they use today are tried and proven systems with almost a half a century of satisfied home owners. They will not give you some High Tech looking gadget or some easy or fancy solution. There are no tricks up their sleeves, just good old fashion tried and proven construction methods that have been time tested to fix your foundation.